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Habitat Gardens

We draw on our expertise with California's diverse wildlife and plant communities to create amazing habitat gardens that come alive with birds and pollinators.  Add some water features and you have even more action!


Lawn Replacement

Replace thirsty lawns with sustainable alternatives that thrive in our local climate.  Our water-saving, River-Friendly designs are not only attractive, they capture rainwater, filter pollutants, and reduce runoff.



Create functional, attractive hardscapes that help define your personal spaces.  Whether it's a pathway, patio, retaining wall, or other feature, we take pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Design/Build or Just Build

We offer full-service landscaping from initial design to installation.  Our designs employ California native plants, but we are well qualified to install other landscapes designed with ecological principles.



Our landscapes are generally low maintenance (much less than a typical lawn), but they still need care to look their best.  We offer various maintenance options that include irrigation, shaping/pruning, weeding, deadheading, and more.

Landscape for wildlife cover


Are you getting ready to take on a new project yourself but need some advice?  We're happy to assist you, your landscape designer, or another professional in creating your personal landscape.

Does it sound like we might be a good fit?

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