Habitat Gardens and Water-Saving Landscapes

We create diverse habitat gardens for birds, butterflies, bees, and beneficial insects.  We transform thirsty lawns and empty spaces into colorful, sustainable, low-water landscapes.  We blend plant-dominated spaces with functional and attractive hardscapes crafted with attention to detail and workmanship.  Whether you prefer a sparse desert theme, a seasonal meadow, a lush woodland, or a premiere habitat garden, all of our landscapes have these features in common:

  • They are sustainable, low-water, and low input.  With efficient irrigation and rainwater absorbed into the landscape, many of our plantings need water no more than once per month in summer.  There is no need for fertilizer, pesticides, or weekly mowing.  River-friendly designs reduce and filter runoff.
  • They are inspired by the natural beauty of California.  They are colorful, lively, and diverse.  They provide year-round interest.  They provide outdoor entertainment.  They are what nature is all about.
  • They are built with craftsmanship.
    Whether it's a grassy swale, a rocky stream bed, a meandering path, or a paver patio, our landscapes are built with quality construction and the attention to detail that allows features to blend naturally.
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Our Background & Philosophy

We love being outdoors.  We love nature.  We appreciate the beauty and diversity of California's many natural landscapes.  We try to bring a little of that to your yard.

California Natural Landscaping is young but founder Brian Williams started landscaping for friends in 1999 (a lush backyard bird habitat that used almost no water!), has given many presentations on landscaping for wildlife, and obtained his landscape contractor's license in 2008 (Lic#909505).  Brian has an M.S. in Biological Conservation and worked for most of his career as a wildlife ecologist and part-time college teacher.

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